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It is our basic principle to be a trust and loyalty brand all over the world.
With our safe technical experience, our slogan is: The work of the world, our power.
We are working to get the best results with our experienced staff and team.
In the world of information, we move forward with the requirements of Information Management.

Statecorps Turkey Inc,

STATE CORPS is the leading construction and production company which is active at several points of world from America to Middle East; lays the base firstly in 1989 in Turkey as STATE CORPS Turkey. Activities of the company which especially focused in construction, energy, agriculture and animal husbandry sectors have a wide range operation network from general contracts, design and construction, project management to supply. STATE CORPS which dedicated itself to provide quality services for all of its private clients and public sector promiscuously of industry, reinforced its reputation with the investments, complex projects managed proficient, not among the commercial and industrial organizations but also among the local and international governments. Along with being a dependent organization, STATE CORPS Turkey which shares the global vision and mission of company; reinforces its activities by making practical the projects in fields of construction, energy, mine, agriculture, animal husbandry sectors globally with the activities performed in Anatolian lands.

Its first project was in 1989 in Turkey.
Our center is located in Istanbul in Turkey.
It operates in the United States, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates and many other countries.

Our mission is to build a tremendous order in which we allocate an exceptional confidence to our customers through the construction and development of potential and sustainable capacities, and our working partners an environment where values ​​are gathered together.

Our vision is to establish and push forward the basic rules of ethical business in an environment where original developmental models maintain their own values ​​while undertaking economic growth programs.

Our experienced staff who are behind the power of “the work of the world, our power” is the slogan, the success and the force behind the production, the knowledge management, the sensitivity to the environment and the values ​​we give to the health and safety.

We are meticulously approaching all our global and local safety standards with the latest technological innovations and in the work we follow. We also try to help improve safety standards.

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“The Work of World, Our Power”

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