Firstly I would like to thank you on my behalf and behalf of STATE CORPS Turkey staff for your kind interest towards our organization. As a company developing itself since the establishment date of 1989, keep continuing its investments, having strong relationships with business partners, trying to meet the necessities of clients, I see today our excitement still continues as the first day.

Breakthroughs in construction, energy, agriculture, animal husbandry sectors, and investments what we are currently performing and the investments we will carry out, take their place in our projects as the outputs of our excitement, confidence and passion we have. Undoubtedly, creating qualified workmanship, adopting new technologies rapidly and taking a firm stand for strains are included into this success. Anyway aren’t the things mentioned above should be responsibilities of being a successful global company?

In that case, it is time to proceed for new struggles!

Our operation adds new ones to the 45 international projects we delivered until today and spreading production area in wide range with the promotions. In this point the contribution of Turkish economy which develops every day and dynamism of the market is significantly important to spread first Europe than the other geographies of world. Also it is very important for us to work with heart and soul.

Again thanking for your interest for STATE CORPS Turkey and would like to “welcome” you.

With my best regards

Necip Goren

CEO-State Corp Turkey

İstanbul – Turkey